The Government and the Department of Health want to abolish GP practice boundaries, making it possible for citizens to register with a GP practice anywhere in England. They have not thought this through and do not seem to understand the consequences of this policy. Or are they deceiving the public and Parliament?

I am a GP in Tower Hamlets. This blog is designed to inform members of the public (journalists, politicians, citizens), and is based on a series of articles I have written for Pulse.

The Articles:

1. Introduction: are the people behind this policy remarkably stupid or are they are perpetrating a Grand Deception?   Read the article; for notes to the article

2. September 2009: Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health, travelled to the King’s Fund, England’s premiere health think tank. Did his statements on patient choice and GP practice boundaries actually mean anything?

Read article                       For documentation and links

3. March 2010: The Government’s ‘Consultation’, ‘Your Choice of GP Practice’. Manufacturing consent; deception; a rigged vote: accidental or by design?

Read the article

4. Why is the mainstream media so tame and compliant? Why do they simply repeat what the Department of Health feeds them?

‘If you want to sell a lie, get the press to sell it for you…’line from the film Argo

Read the article

5. The ‘Choice of GP’ Pilot. Is this really a pilot or just another bit of spin?

Read the article

6. What can be done to resist this crackpot policy?

Read the article


George Farrelly
The Tredegar Practice
35 St Stephens Road
London E3 5JD

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