Notes to accompany Pulse article 1

These are notes and links to back up my article published by Pulse

I wrote to MPs…

1. In the spring of 2010 I emailed the then shadow health minister Andrew Lansley. The Government consultation ‘Your Choice of GP Practice’ had just been launched. I knew Lansley was in favour of this policy and I wanted to see if he had thought through the implications. He had not. Click here for My Email Exchange with ‘Andrew Lansley’.

2. I started writing emails to MPs, one letter at a time (all the A’s, then B’s etc). The letters were different, but with a similar underlying message: GP practice boundaries do actually serve a purpose, do you understand what you are proposing?
One MP replied. Click here to read the exchange.


3. I wrote to the King’s Fund…

My exchange with the King’s Fund


4. None of the replies addressed the very basic issues I raised. None of it added up.

For example, this reply from the DH, and my reply.


5. You have Costa Coffee cafés, now you have Virgin Care GP surgeries next door.

Check this


 6. Let us say, hypothetically of course, that you had a Department of Health that had over time become influenced by the thinking of organisations like the global consultancy firm McKinsey….

See this.

See also the book Plot Against the NHS by Colin Leys and Stewart Player.

For a transcript of a lecture by Leys

And see this


7. if you can have a docile, compliant press who do not understand the ecology of general practice…

This is the topic for the fourth article in this series.


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